ESADR 2019 will work through plenary sessions, parallel sessions and posters. Parallel sessions will include papers submitted to conference topics suggested by the organization and papers submitted to thematic panels.


Conference topics

Conference topics suggested by the organization:

  • TC1 New technologies and innovation;
  • TC2 Climate change and smart farming;
  • TC3 Modes of production and ecosystem services;
  • TC4 Markets and Competitiveness;
  • TC5 Research and Valorization of knowledge;
  • TC6 Agroforestry systems and territorial development;
  • TC7 Environment and natural resources;
  • TC8 Agro-business and green economy;
  • TC9 Food safety, consumption and value chains.

Thematic panels

Thematic panels proposed by participants

  • TP1 Family Agriculture and the process of rural diversification;
  • TP2 Assessment of consumers' food preferences: a multidisciplinary approach;
  • TP3 Short Circuits Agrifood;
  • TP4 Agriculture and Rural Development: a comparative research agenda between Portugal and Brazil;
  • TP5 The Standard Production Values and the comparability of indicators of production systems in Portugal;
  • TP6 Biodiversity, family farming and agro-food trade circuits;
  • TP7 Winemaking and sustainability: challenges on the horizon 2030;
  • TP8 Evaluation of socioeconomic impacts of bioenergy production;
  • TP9 Brazilian Agriculture and the challenges of international trade;
  • TP10 Control of the agricultural frontier, territorial reorganization and regional development;
  • TP11 "New" dynamics in rural territories;
  • TP12 Food Loss and Waste: Overview and Determinants;
  • TP13 Evolution and panorama of Brazilian agriculture - a recent evaluation of the structure, performance, and use of natural resources;
  • TP14 Possible and probable futures for agribusiness.

Abstracts, rules and submission

When submitting the abstracts of their works, both for the parallel sessions and for the posters, the authors should choose the topic to which they make their
submission. Topics are those of Congress and those proposed by participants for thematic panels.

Abstracts will be accepted in any of the following languages: Portuguese, Spanish or English, for submissions to the topics of the congress. The abstracts to be submitted to the thematic panels should check the language conditions of the respective proponents. Abstracts should have a maximum of 2000 characters including spaces.

To submit your abstract, click here Closed

Abstracts Book

Download here the event abstracts book 


The papers are presented orally in rooms with projector. The sessions will have a responsible for coordination of works.

Papers should be submitted in accordance with the rules for papers

Papers may only be submitted after acceptance of the respective abstract: May 30, 2019

Papers due – September 30, 2019

The papers shall appear in the minutes book if they were submitted till September 30, 2019

Upload paper


This kind of presentation is intended to works with partial results and to
scientific initiation. The poster is exposed in space and time especially reserved for it. One of the authors should be present during the scheduled presentation to presenting and discussing the subject matter with eventual interested.

Poster Dimension: 1,2m x 0,80m.


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